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Welcome to Rinovasol Group

Rinovasol Group was established by Mr. Josef Gmeiner in 2014 in Bavaria,
Germany and specializes in repairing and recycling solar modules. After years of solid expansion, six brother companies have been found in the following years:

Core Advantages The service life of the modules is
extended for 50 years

The polycrystalline silicon modules developed by our company in Changxing are ultra waterproof with a service life of up to 50 years and a warranty period of 25 years. The main and unique features are:

1 / Unique patented laminating and sealing technique which effectively protects the product from any kind of delamination.
2 / Frame designed by adopting patent technology with water drain function, easy and convenient for disassembling and maintenance.
3 / German-style production management (materials selection, quality control, quality inspection and so on).
4 / Flexible production - the crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules of non-standard size and shapes are customized
according to our client’s requirements.
5 / Our module repair and refurbishment service is capable of renovating PV-modules which cannot produce electricity
anymore due to humidity problems,hot spots, delamination, PID, LID, broken junction boxes, micro-cracks, etc.
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