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The service life of the modules is extended for 50 years
Product Advantages of the New PV-modules
Posted on 2017.07.12

1) On July 5th, 2017, Rinovasol Group is officially added to the list of members of AFCHAM (African Chamber of Commerce). Rinovasol Group is the first partner of AFCHAM in solar modules production and refurbishment with an audit by AFCHAM. Our products and services are recognized for their excellency in the energy sector globally.
2) Washable and removable aluminum frame
3) German patented frame design, ensuring the efficiency and performance of the modules.
4) Silicone-gel-free frame allowing dismounting and mounting for maintenance and cleaning purposes
5) Water drain function, smooth drainage of water from the module with the effect of washing the surface of the module
6) German patented processing technique and frame design, effectively protecting the product from the penetration of fluids